Lash lift aftercare tips to share with your clients

20 November 2023

Lash lifts are an incredibly popular treatment that give the impression of volumising mascara and a darker colour, but without the product. There’s no better look – or feeling – than a fresh lash lift, but to keep your clients happy for longer, you can give them the following aftercare advice to help their treatment last as long as possible.

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Be gentle

First and foremost, it’s important to handle your newly lifted lashes as carefully as possible. An important step that’s often overlooked when it comes to lash aftercare, but it’s important that you stress to your client that they need to be gentle, otherwise they risk diminishing the effects of the lift. They may also risk harming their natural eyelashes. Advise your clients to avoid rubbing their eyes or touching the area around them. 

The temptation to itch one’s eyes can be irresistible, especially when summer allergies come into play. But instead of rubbing, we recommend using eye drops, taking oral antihistamines and using a cool cotton compress.

Avoid water

While we would never recommend that your client foregoes washing their face and their skincare routine, advise them to come to their appointment with freshly washed hair and a clean face if possible. They should also avoid getting water in or around their eyes for 24 hours after the treatment. 

This includes skipping the gym; encourage your client to avoid all moisture for at least 24 hours.

Avoid steam

A hot shower or bath, jacuzzi, or sauna – these are all sources of steam. Whether it’s part of a post-workout routine or an end of the week treat, hot steam can relax the lash lift and cause they to lose their shape. During the first 24 to 48 hours following a lift, the lashes will still be settling and getting comfortable in their new positions. Too much steam can undo all that hard work and cause the lift to drop, putting your client’s eyelashes back in their original position.

Sleep carefully

And preferably on their back, if their can – our apologies to stomach sleepers. Your client pressing their face into a pillow for eight hours at a time can cause the new lashes to flatten and lose their shape. Most pillowcases contain fibres that can tug on eyelashes, and even pull them out; cotton pillowcases are the worst offenders for this. If your client baulks at the idea of sleeping in any other position, recommend they purchase a silk pillowcase, as these carry the least risk.

Apply lash serum or conditioner

A lash lift changes the natural shape and direction of the lashes; almost like a workout. And like any muscle that’s done a workout, the lashes also need to be nourished and looked after. There are also specialist hydration serums available that can be applied under mascara – although your client shouldn’t wear mascara or eye makeup products for 24 to 48 hours after their appointment. 

Use gentle beauty products

In the first few days – and indeed weeks – following a lash lift, advise your client to use only gentle and oil-free skincare products, and to avoid anything that might irritate their eyes and skin. The fewer chemicals they use on the skin, the less likely there will be a react with the lash perm. 

Stay out of the sun

As many of your clients may opt to get a lash tint along with their lift as a way to enhance fullness and colour, but this can add complexities to aftercare routines. If your client did get a tint, advise them to stay out of the sun as much as possible, as UV exposure can cause the tint to fade faster. A sun hat or sunglasses will do beyond the first 24 to 48 hours during the summer months.

Continued aftercare

The aftercare goes beyond the initial appointment. As part of their morning routine, encourage clients to brush their lashes upwards with a (makeup free) brush to help them hold their formation. This is best done when the lashes are wet, such as after a shower or washing.

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