The benefits of learning with us

From ongoing learning support in the form of our online portal, to access to the Wella Academy and on-site accommodation, read on to find out how enrolling with us can benefit you.

Our ongoing tutoring and online portal

Our professional training and support doesn’t end at the completion of your course. Once you have completed your course, you gain access to our online training platform which offers our learners live tutorials covering technique demonstrations, and theory lessons that you can’t get anywhere else. Our educators are also there for you if you have any questions on your journey.

Access to the Wella Academy

Studying with us gives you exclusive access to the Wella Academy, a professional training facility. Once enrolled on one of our hairdressing courses, our learners can get a day of hands-on training with industry professionals at Wella. Find out more about Wella here.

Course discounts

We offer learners huge discounts if they are looking to qualify from two courses, Level 2 and 3, in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy. When adding two courses to your basket, you can make a saving of up to ÂŁ500. Take a look at our course pages to find out more about our specific discounts.


We have luxury accommodation situated right above the education centre in Bolton. This means that you can study in comfort instead of having to do punishing commutes every day if you don’t live in the area. You can find out more about our accommodation here.