"The staff are incredible"


Classic & Russian Volume Lashes


I chose to do my lash course with RJL because a family member had mentioned it to me and when i looked at reviews etc they were amazing. Also when reading about the course on the RJL website i thought that the price was extremely reasonable and so worth it for what you get within your kit, the experience and of course the training. I am currently in University studying Criminology and Psychology however i have always wanted to branch into the beauty industry but never taken the leap to actually put it into place until i trained with RJL.

I trained with Chelsea and she was amazing throughout. So so helpful and she made me feel at ease, especially when i struggled with some things. I think having a good teacher really made the experience for me because it’s so nice to know you’re not being rushed, her patience made me feel more confident within my work. Chelsea made me even more excited for my journey and she showed genuine interest for my career, she is also still supporting me through social media and i couldn’t be more grateful. Also the environment was gorgeous, everything about the RJL centre made you more motivated to be successful after seeing what Ruby has achieved.

I think the hardest thing i had to overcome was probably within myself realising that i am a beginner which is why i am there learning and not everything will go right straight away. However like i said the trainees there are amazing and offer all the help you need, even if they have to repeat themselves a few times, its clear that they want you to succeed.

I would highly recommend anyone who is wanting to do any beauty training, to train with RJL. The staff are incredible and for a reasonable price you also get high quality training and leave with the confidence to start your new journey.

Thank you so much to Chelsea and yourself it was incredible.