The Best Hairstyles for Brides Right Now 

22 February 2023

The Best Hairstyles for Brides Right Now 

Bridal hair styles have evolved over the years, from bouffants in the 60s to fluffy fringes in the 80s to classy chignons in the 00s. Today there are countless options for brides to choose from. With so many options available, trying to decide how to wear your hair on your big day can feel overwhelming. We have picked out five of the best styles that are the most popular among brides to help make your search a little easier. 

The Classic Updo

The classic updo is a beautiful and timeless look, perfect for brides who prefer a more gentle and delicate style. This involves pulling the hair back and up, usually into a bun or a chignon. This bun can be sleek and secure, or curly, loose and romantic. You can make this look even more elegant when dressed up with spring flowers, glittering tiaras, or delicate veils. 

The Half-Up Half-Down Look

The half-up half-down hairstyle is a classic, relaxed and romantic look. This style involves pulling half of the hair back and up, but leaving the remaining hair down. This can be done with a simple ponytail, a braided half-up style, or with twists. This hairstyle works well for brides with medium-to-long hair and can be dressed up with flowers or other hair accessories. 

Loose Romantic Waves

The loose waves hairstyle is as comfortable as it is aesthetic. This style involves creating loose, natural-looking waves in the hair. This can be done with a curling iron and can even be paired with small braids for extra detail. You can personalise the look by adding small colourful flowers or jewelled hair slides.

Elegant Braids

The braided hairstyle is a popular choice for brides who want a more elegant, sophisticated look. This may involve a simple plait, a fishtail plait, or a more elaborate hairstyle, with multiple plaits being woven together to create the finished look. Reminiscent of a princess in a classic fairy tale, this will inject some whimsy and fantasy into your big day.

Sleek and Minimalist

The sleek and straight hairstyle is a popular choice for brides who want a more modern and minimalist look. This style involves straightening the hair and leaving it down with a middle or side parting. Inspired by the signature Kardashian style, some brides like to slick their hair back into a bun or ponytail. This keeps hair neat and fashionable in a contemporary way.

Whatever makes you feel your best 

When choosing a bridal hairstyle how you feel is more important than following trends. Consider the style of your dress, deliberate over the kind of hair stylist you want to hire, and from there you can work out where these trends fit in. The perfect bridal hairstyle is out there!