The key beauty trends to stay on top of in 2023

22 February 2023

Selecting hair dye

2023 is a year for self care. We are in the middle of a shift towards softness, self acceptance, nostalgia. More of us are welcoming gentleness and reflection into our everyday lives, and talk about manifestation is dominating Tiktok and Instagram. 2023 is a cushiony safe space, where a focus on self-love is motivated by a distancing from chaos. This shift is reflected most noticeably in trends like the ‘clean girl’, where celebs such as Hailey Beiber, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner are pioneering a cultural shift away from makeup maximalism. 

Take a look at some of the biggest trends we can expect to emerge in 2023. 

Glowing bare skin 

As the focus on wellness grows on social platforms, so too does a love for healthy looking skin. 2023 will be the year where BB cream takes over foundation, and where SPF takes over highlighter. More and more people will be focusing on recreating that ‘natural glow’ that comes from looking after yourself and your body. Gone are the days of liquid contour and baking with translucent powder, the dewier ‘I-just-worked-out-and-now-I-am-off-to-grab-a-matcha-latte’ look will peak in popularity this year.

Warm tones and sweeping layers

Hairstyles will become warmer and warmer. From strawberry blondes to auburn brunettes, cooler tones will be replaced with the softer and gentler warmth of reds. A move away from striking tones will be reflected in attitudes towards the self, a caring and reflective time matched by gentle and softer hairstyles. 

A nostalgic nod towards the early 00s, heavily layered hair will also make a comeback. With the continuing rise of Depop, many will be replicating the slow fashion thrifted trends in their hair, with statement but small Y2K style hair accessories becoming a popular choice.

Bleached eyebrows

A far cry from the fluffy brow trend of 2021, the rise in bleached eyebrows will continue throughout this year. Perhaps a striking look at first glance, this is actually a far cry from the firmer, harshness of sculpted eyebrows, reinforcing the gentleness that seems to be the focus of this year. 

Milky nails 

Maximalist nails will be replaced by shorter and simpler designs. This simplicity will be led specifically by milky white and pink tones, a trend inspired by the ‘glazed donut’ nails taking over TikTok right now. This creamy, translucent finish will feed into the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic taking over instagram. 

A year for self care 

Overall, most of the trends that will flow through into 2023 will be built on the same foundation – self love and self care. Simplicity will be paired with warm and gentle tones, matching the current focus on self reflection. Perhaps in doing this, we are setting ourselves up for a 80s style rebellion in 2024, where stronger colours and stronger identities drive out this love of softness.